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DCS Group UK Thought About Reach Trucks; Then Thought Again

DCS Group UK, the market leader in sales and distribution of health, beauty and household brands, has operated Bendi articulated fork trucks in its warehouse facilities exclusively for over 17 years.  In that time the trucks have carried out an estimated 3.1 million pallet movements.

With nearly 30 Bendi’s now in service, DCS Chairman Denys Shortt explains why “you cant afford not to bend a truck”:

“Back in 1998, having outgrown our original premises at Atherstone-on-Stour in Warwickshire, we built a new high bay warehouse.  Having used reach trucks we decided to have a look into other potential handling solutions and that was when we first spoke to Bendi.  Although it’s fair to say that I was initially sceptical, they demonstrated that operating Bendi’s would enable us to make much better use of our space with around 40% higher storage capacity than we got with reach trucks, so with Bendi working in partnership with the racking company to provide the optimum storage solution, we placed the first order for four Bendi’s.”

DCS Group UK, who are the official UK sales & distribution company for P&G, Gillette, Unilever, Colgate, PZ Cussons, SC Johnson, Osram, L’Oreal and more, continued to grow and acquired the present site at Timothy’s Bridge in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2001.  Whilst the new site was nearly 7 times larger, there were height restrictions in certain areas but Bendi once again came up with a solution and provided non-standard masts, which meant that DCS Group UK didn’t lose valuable storage space.

Today, DCS Group UK are still going strong, as are some of the original Bendi trucks.  Moving 5000 full pallets a day and working a 12 hour shift, the productivity of the Bendi has far exceeded the expectations of Mr Shortt, as has the excellent working relationship between both companies.

“Without the Bendi, my business would be in a very different shape.  To start with we would have had to go for bigger premises or more trucks and more staff, which would have raised our cost base across the board, but it comes down to more than just spacing saving forklifts.  From our initial meetings in 1998, through subsequent planning and engineering support, to the regular service and sales visits, every aspect of our relationship has been excellent.  So for anybody thinking about expanding their operations or needing to save space, to stay ahead of the game we would recommend you buy Bendi.”

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