SpaceMaker | Compact Waste Machine

The Spacemate Recycling Space Reduction

The SpaceMaker is a hydraulic compact waste recycling machine designed to maximise the amount of waste product which can be contained in a rolling goods cage without damaging the cage itself.

The SpaceMaker will compact waste material – principally cardboard or plastic packaging whilst support plates hold the cage to prevent damage.

Once the compaction cycle has been completed and the door opened a mechanism removes the cage from the SpaceMaker whilst also helping clear any stray waste material from within the compaction chamber.

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SpaceMaker hydraulic compacting machine
Spacemaker Compacting Machine

SpaceMaker Features:

Standard Features

    • 4:1 compression rate
    • Creates 70% more storage space
    • Requires 70% less transport cost
    • Helps reduce pest problem
    • Reduces the number of roll cages required
    • Footprint is the size of a standard UK pallet
    • Runs on 13 amp supply
    • Will not damage the cage


  • Simple, sequenced hydraulic function the control panel
  • IP rated to work outside
  • Cage protection system

Control System

  • 24v PLC


  • From the designers of the Bendi Articulated Forklift
  • Patented design with Roll Cage protection system