B420 Bendi Battery Multi-Purpose Articulated Electric Forklift Trucks

B420 Battery Electric Multi-Purpose Articulated Forklift Truck

Our Bendi B420 Electric Forklift Trucks are designed to provide you with optimal aisle performance, whilst retaining many of the features which have made the award winning Bendi the first choice when it comes to Articulated Forklift Trucks.

Translift’s range of Bendi B420 Electric Forklift Trucks is capable of storing pallets in 1.65m aisles, so, as an Articulated Forklift Truck, it offers a great space-saving solution over the regular Counterbalance Trucks and Reach Trucks. An Electric Bendi can achieve storage density which exceeds that of a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) installation.

With a lift capacity of up to 2,000kg and a lift height of up to 10 metres, the Bendi B420 Electric Forklift Trucks require no guidance or super flat floors within your operation. It also boasts dual inside and outside capabilities, as well as a four-post overhead guard, full hydraulic power steering and 220 degrees over rotating steering.

Translift Bendi has reshaped the Materials Handling market thanks to trucks like the Electric Bendi B420. We have also done this by offering other versatile Very Narrow Aisle Forklift Trucks. These Forklift Trucks have been developed from being a niche product to one that sells in the same numbers as conventional Reach Trucks! They have even dwarfed the VNA market that it set out to replace.

5 Year Warranty included with this machine! Make sure you check out our information guide.

B420 Battery Electric Multi-purpose Articulated Forklift Truck

5 Year Warranty

on ALL standard line Bendis.

Bendi B420 Features

  • Lift capacity of up to 2,000kg.
  • Lift height of up to 10m.
  • 1.65m aisle performance.
  • No guidance or super flat floors required in your operation.
  • Dual inside and outside capability.
  • Four-post overhead guard.
  • Full hydraulic power steering.
  • 220° over rotating steering.
  • Large soft tyres.
  • Powerful 12KW AC Drive Motor.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Patented rear wheel drive.
  • Lifetime warranty on articulation unit.

5 Year Warranty included with this machine! Make sure you check out our information guide.

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