Exciting Times Ahead!

Translift have been waging a war on wasted storage space for over 50 years. With their industry know-how and a wide range of Materials Handling Equipment from leading brands, Translift Bendi have the right solution for any application.

Paul Berrow, Managing Director of Translift spoke to Warehouse and Logistics News.

Paul, it’s been a few years since we last spoke to you, how are things going at Translift?

Last time I said, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, and that certainly hasn’t changed! 2022 was a huge year of growth for Translift and we have made some significant investments in key areas in order to continue to move the business forward.

These investments will not only help us progress business-wise, but they will also help us to develop the company strategically. Looking forward into 2023, we have further investments planned to continue that growth.

What were some of the major positives for Translift in 2022?

The most important thing about 2022 for Translift is that it was a successful year for the business as a whole. Having said that, one of the best highlights is the maintaining and developing of our relationships with existing customers, as well as forging meaningful partnerships with new clients.

A major positive for our customers is the fact that, despite lead times continually increasing for Materials Handling Equipment, we have been able to deliver selected Bendi Forklifts between 12 to 14 weeks after order confirmation. Our lead times have been going down, not up!

Additionally, we are also offering 5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty on major components of selected new Bendi Forklifts, subject to terms and conditions.

The Bendi ECO was a huge hit and it continues to offer customers the narrow aisle benefits at a fraction of the cost. Lead times on ECO machines have been even less ranging from 4-6 weeks after order confirmation.

Exciting Times Ahead! Paul Berrow Speaks To Warehouse & Logistics News

Has the range of trucks offered to customers changed in any way?

Yes, but in a good way! We can still offer the same Bendi Articulated Forklifts that have been saving our customers space since the first trucks we sold in the early 80s, but, in addition, we now offer a cost-effective alternative to buying new. The Bendi ECO represents the ultimate in value whilst retaining all of the features which have made the award-winning Bendi the first choice in Articulated Forklift Trucks.

For 2023, we will be offering EP Equipment as an addition to our portfolio of products. This includes a variety of equipment such as Counterbalance Trucks, Powered Pallet Trucks, JX1 Order Pickers, and other Warehouse Equipment.

What are the future plans and targets for Translift in 2023?

This year, the main focus is to expand the business whilst also developing our existing staff base.

We have plans to extend our warehouse and office facilities and increase both our shop floor and office work force by 20%. We also want to enhance our Service offering by recruiting experienced engineers taking us to our target total of 50 Engineers by the end of 2023.

At Translift, we have always strived to retain and develop our team by offering further training opportunities and career progression.

Take our sales team for example. With the best part of 108 years of experience between them, keeping their expertise and industry know-how has played a crucial part in the success of Translift since the last time we spoke.

As a company, we have gained an enviable reputation for looking to promote people within the business and we are delighted to announce that Anna Wainwright, who joined the business back in 2003, has recently been promoted to General Manager.

Finally, Apprenticeships have worked really well for us for a number of years, hence our recent nomination for an Apprentice Award. Part of our plan will be to continue offering more Apprentice opportunities in the near future.