Bendi B3 Forklift Series (Bendi B315 / Bendi B318 / Bendi B320)

B3 Series (315, 318, 320) – designed to give optimal aisle performance

The innovative B3 series of articulated 3-wheel forklifts forms the cornerstone of the Bendi product range.
The unique 3-wheel single motor design offers a fantastic driving experience and the design of the articulation system creates the best possible aisle performance.

With the very latest technologies utilised throughout the range, the B3 offer massive performance and operational benefits. The high performance AC motor and latest energy efficient Curtis controllers ensure that reliability, endurance and consistent power levels are delivered shift after shift, inside and outside.

B3 Series (315, 318, 320) | Bendi B3 Series Articulated Forklift

Why a B3 Series?

The latest addition to the B3 series is the B320, the powerhouse of the 3-wheel range. Manoeuvrability of a 3-wheeler but with the performance and lift capacity of a 4-wheeler: that’s what the market asked for and that is why Bendi have once again listened and developed the all new B320.

With a nominal lift capacity of 2000kgs, and lift height of 9m, the B320 is a high performance machine capable of working in aisles as small as 1.6m and with ample power for unloading duties, including servo assisted brakes.
With full AC and electronically switched valve bank, the new B320 offers increased efficiency through faster lift and lowering speeds.

5 Years Warranty Included with this machine – More Information

5 Year Warranty

on ALL standard line Bendis.


  • Lift capacities from 1200kgs to 2000kgs.
  • Lift heights up to 9m.
  • 1.6m aisle performance.
  • No guidance or superflat floors required.
  • Dual inside/outside capability.
  • Four post overhead guard.
  • Full hydraulic power steering.
  • 220° over rotating steering.
  • Large soft tyres.
  • Maintenance free AC control.
  • Patented front wheel drive.

5 Years Warranty Included with this machine – More Information

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