Mini Bendi Trucks Pedestrian Articulated Forklifts

Pedestrian Articulated Forklift

Designed to operate effortlessly in confined spaces and aisles as small as 1600mm, the Mini Bendi is an impressive feat of design ingenuity and ideally suited for almost all applications. This includes manufacturing, engineering, distribution, printing and Supermarket and DIY Stores.

Considered an industry first, the truck offers superior levels of safety and functionality as the innovative pedestrian control ensures the operator is completely in charge of the equipment at all times.

With its standard 220° load rotation, operators have unobstructed visibility of the forks and load at all times offering a much safer operation than conventional solutions.

The large soft wheels of the Mini Bendi Pedestrian Articulated Forklift allow safe travel over yards or roads, enabling deliveries to be unloaded and placed straight into storage or at the correct production areas without the need for alternative forklifts.

5 Years Warranty Included with this machineMore Information

Pedestrian Articulated Forklift Mini Bendi in use

5 Year Warranty

on ALL standard line Bendis.

Mini Bendi Pedestrian Articulated Forklift Features:

  • 1350kgs Capacity.
  • 1.6m aisle performance.
  • No guidance or superflat floors required for use.
  • 3.5m & 4.5m lift.
  • Dual inside/outside capability, perfect for lots of applications.
  • Integral sideshift and tilt.
  • Accommodates all pallet types.
  • 220° over rotating steering.
  • Large soft tyres.
  • Powerful front wheel drive.
  • AC drive.
  • Accepts all standard attachments.

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5 Years Warranty Included with this machineMore Information