Translift Bendi has transformed its business thanks to help from Worcestershire County Council’s Clean Growth Team.

Translift has used advice and grant funding to develop a waste compressing product and change their lighting to energy efficient LEDs. We are now working to move our production process to a more digital and efficient one.

The business has also expanded to include the re-manufacture of Forklifts. We are refurbishing old stock into new, more efficient, electric forklifts and, by offering a rental service, we are give our customers energy and cost-efficient solutions to reduce their fleet.

Paul Berrow, Managing Director at Translift Bendi, said: “After contacting the County Council, we have been given extremely great advice on what support there is for us as a manufacturing business.

“We managed to secure a grant for lighting to increase the morale of the workers, as the previous one was a bit dreary. Our staff can see far better with the positioning of the new lighting in the works. We had a professional free of charge assessment showing how the light would reflect.

“This was completed and we managed to get this done fairly quickly without much effort on our part.”

Managing Director Paul Berrow

“I hope this helps other businesses to get on board…”

He added: “We were also invited to look at other parts of the business which maybe could have funding, so we are still hopeful to be working with BEEP in the future, as well as other areas to support local manufacturing.

“It’s amazing how we don’t ask questions like what local support is available. I hope this helps other businesses to get on board and ask for help as it’s there for you.”

Councillor Tony Miller, CMR for Environment, said: “It is wonderful to hear how the team at Translift Bendi have been able to improve their energy efficiency and provide energy and resource efficient solutions for other businesses; all through the support of our Clean Growth Team.

“They are just one of many success stories I’ve heard about since the team was formed and they play a huge part in our commitment to protecting our environment. I would urge anyone looking for support in making their business more energy and resource efficient to contact the team and see what support is available for you.”

Find out more about the Clean Growth Team on the Worcestershire County Council website.