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A Fleet of Bendi B420 HL's with Battery Change for 24/7 Multi-shift Operation

Based in the North of England, Symingtons are a branded convenience food business that strongly believes convenience doesn’t mean compromise on taste; and they didn’t compromise when it came to choosing their materials handling supplier.

Lifting to over 10m and with the need to maximise storage capacity, Symington’s Foods looked at a number of options including VNA and Reach Trucks but all were discounted in favour of the flagship of the Bendi range… the Bendi B420 HL.

Perfectly suited to their high intensity warehouse operations, the fleet of Bendi B420 HL’s are all supplied with high capacity batteries and battery change facilities to handle the often arduous Symington’s Foods multishift operations.

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Symingtons Warehouse with a Bendi
Symingtons Warehouse with Bendis