Creating Change – Turn your Forklift in to a VNA Stacker

The Translift SpaceMate is designed to fit onto any conventional forklift. This is to enable narrow aisle performance without affecting the sideways stability of the machine. They can then be easily removed, allowing the forklift to carry out its conventional duties, creating change to your forklift.

The SpaceMaker is a hydraulic compacting machine designed to maximise the amount of waste product which can be contained in a rolling goods cage without damaging the cage. The machine will compact waste material – principally cardboard or plastic packaging whilst support plates hold the cage to prevent damage. With a 4:1 compression rate, SpaceMaker can create 70% more storage space, reduce transport costs by 70% and improve health and safety by increasing floor space.

Quick release hydraulic couplings allow easy mounting of the SpaceMate, and its patented design via hydraulically sequenced movements make the stacking of pallets simple and effortless.

For more information on the innovative SpaceMate visit the page on the website. If you would like to read the full advert please visit the link here:

If you have a question about the Translift SpaceMate or if you’re thinking about creating change please contact our team here, or call us on 01527 527 411.

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