Fiberweb – Dual Functionality – Long Loads and Standard Pallets

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Dual Functionality - Long Loads and Standard Pallets

Market focused, customer supported and process driven, Fiberweb are dedicated to providing innovative products that meet long-term customer needs.  Based in the South of England, Fiberweb operate from a state of the art production facility which also houses a warehouse to cater for a varied range of pallets and loads.  Not wanting to lose valuable storage space and and/or increase the number of trucks on site, Fiberweb turned to the innovative Bendi Longloader.

Specifically designed to handle both long loads and standard pallets, the unique design of the Bendi Longloader means that the operator can handle long loads of up to 2000kgs and accommodate standard pallets in narrow aisles without changing trucks or leaving the cab.

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Fiberweb Bendi
Fiberweb Bendi