BYD Forklifts

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Translift are now a dealer for BYD Electric Forklifts and Warehousing Equipment.

From Counterbalance Forklifts and Reach Trucks to Powered Pallet Trucks, Stackers and Tow Tractors, we are able to offer the full range of BYD Forklifts and Warehousing Equipment. Furthermore, BYD are the only lithium powered forklift manufacturer to offer ATEX Explosion-proof Materials Handling Equipment. 

The innovative BYD lithium iron phosphate batteries are a major revolution for the industry. BYD’s unique battery technology is setting new standards, offering operators a single-battery multi-shift solution. With BYD, maximise the performance and efficiency of your forklift fleet whilst saving money!

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Why Choose BYD?

Opportunity charge with a full charge in 1-2 hours

Efficient and cost-effective battery solutions

Maximum safety with non-flammable batteries

Longer battery life with up to 15 years of operation

Maintenance-free with maximum flexibility

8 years or 10,000 hours battery warranty

The ATEX Explosion-proof Range

Explosion-proof Materials Handling Equipment is now available throughout the whole range of BYD Forklifts. As the only manufacturer to offer lithium-powered ATEX Zone 1 and 2 specification trucks for explosive environments, BYD have the right equipment for most applications.

To discuss your requirements or for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

8 years or 10,000 hours battery warranty – Longest in the industry

Lowest cost of ownership

Our BYD Range of Forklifts & Warehouse Equipment

Counterbalance Forklifts

1.6 – 5.0 tonne

Pallet Trucks

2.0 tonne

Reach Trucks

1.6 tonne

Pallet Stackers

1.4 tonne

Tow Tractors

3.0 – 5.0 tonne


Battery warranty included with ALL BYD machines

Operate indoors and outdoors

Work both inside and outside with the durable BYD Forklifts. Built for reliability, each forklift features a waterproof sealed battery pack that come rain or shine can be used in all conditions. The BYD range also comes with a basic or comfort option.

Work at low temperatures

BYD trucks have batteries which are capable of supporting work performed in low-temperature conditions. To do this, BYD Forklift electric machines can use up to 60% of the energy they have stored.

Respect for the environment

The batteries of BYD electric machines present no risks of pollution from heavy metals or corrosive acids and they are the only lithium batteries to be recycled at the end of the batteries life. This means that BYD forklift trucks are the most ecological on the market.

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