Bendi B320

Introducing the new powerhouse of the 3-wheel range - the Bendi B320

Manoeuvrability of a 3-wheeler but with the performance and lift capacity of a 4-wheeler: that's what the market asked for and that is why Bendi have once again listened and developed the all new B320.

With a nominal lift capacity of 2000kgs, and lift height of 9m, the B320 is a high performance machine capable of working in aisles as small as 1.6m and with ample power for unloading duties, including servo assisted brakes. With full AC and electronically switched valve bank, the new B320 offers increased efficiency through faster lift and lowering speeds.

The spacious operators cabin is based on the B420, market leader in the warehousing sector, and comes complete with large comfortable footwell and low step for easy access and a tortoise button for controllable reduced speed operating.


  • 2000kgs nominal lift capacity and 9m maximum lift
  • Patented front end allows class leading narrowest aisle performance
  • Unique design allows most manoeuvrable and safest drive style in aisles
  • Enhanced operators compartment ergonomics direct from drivers feedback
  • Large comfortable footwell and low step for easy access / egress
  • Tortoise button for controllable reduced speed operating
  • Translift purpose built articulating specific triple stage ffl masts
  • 4 post OHG that maximises operator safety and visibility
  • No guidance or superflat floors required
  • Servo Assisted brakes

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