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SHD FC 2016

March 2016

For over 50 years, Translift Bendi has been waging a war on wasted storage space with the continual development and introduction of innovative products and solutions. From the Mini Bendi to the award winning Bendi Order Picker, each product or service has been brought to market by listening to the needs of our customers and trade partners; and it was as a direct result of many similar discussions that led to the introduction of a number of new and exciting developments for 2016.

New for 2016 will be a premium range of Bendi articulated forklifts, a versatile VNA truck that operates in under 1.5m, the complete range of HUBTEX world class products and a new low cost space saving solution.

Translift Bendi Premium Range

Available with industry leading warranties and servicing rates, the new premium range of Bendi articulated forklifts, built in the USA, are designed to operate in high intensity warehousing operations.

This new exciting range of trucks compliments the UK line up while offering some additional benefits, including all new hi-visibility masts, superfast lift and lower speeds, adjustable overhead guards and a smoother ride on larger tyres, taking a retrospective page from earlier Bendi models.

The new range of three and four wheeled machines are all fitted with DuraSteer, a patented revolutionary maintenance free steering system that provides exceptional control and makes load placement and retrieval superior to the competition.

This Premium range comes with a 4 year, 4000hrs parts and labour warranty.

Translift Drexel

When it comes to maximising your storage space, nothing else measures up to the Translift Drexel VNA/Side Loading Swingmast® Forklift. With independently driven front wheels and dual rear steer tyres, the Drexel has a unique design enabling operators to rotate the mast assembly 90° and side shift left and right to allow easy stacking in aisles as narrow as 1.4m.

The versatile Translift Drexel gives you four lift trucks in one; performing outdoors as a conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a sideloader, and a VNA turret truck with rail or wire guidance options. Models are available in capacities ranging from 1350kg to 5400kg, and with three or four-stage masts with lift heights up to 9.5m. The Translift Drexel is available in both Electric and LP Gas powered models.

Fast lift, lower and travel speeds combined with the tight turning radius of the Translift Drexel provides excellent manoeuvrability and increased productivity. The electric range has an optional roll-out battery compartment allowing fast battery changes for multi-shift operations, and wire guidance is also a standard option allowing safe, full-speed travel in the narrowest aisles.

Translift HUBTEX

In 2015, Translift announced that an agreement had been reached with HUBTEX Gmbh to work seamlessly with HUBTEX UK as the distributors of their multidirectional forklift trucks. Well known for their technically advanced performance, build quality and reliability, the product immediately benefited from the service and marketing strength of Translift Bendi, which ultimately led to a number of significant orders. Following that highly successful launch and integration under the Translift HUBTEX brand we are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer the full range of world class HUBTEX products.

Simon Brown, Managing Director for Translift Bendi, said "We saw the initial agreement as an exciting partnership for both companies, and an opportunity for customers to have access to a product that had a fantastic reputation for being technically superior with unquestioned build quality and reliability, but with the added advantage of affordability through Translift Bendi. With the Translift HUBTEX fast becoming an attractive option for both our direct sales and dealer channels it was an honour to team up with Malcolm Manser at HUBTEX UK."

Manufactured in the company’s state of the art facility in Fulda, Germany, HUBTEX has taken a leading position in the materials handling equipment and logistics market for many years with products that are tailor-made to match the end users specific needs and characterised by their longevity and functionality. Highlights of the range include;

Omnidirectional Excellence - Multidirectional Sideloaders

With a build quality and specification you would expect from a German manufacturer, but with a cost aimed at the UK market, the Translift HUBTEX three wheel and four wheel sideloaders, working both indoors and out, offer true multidirectional capabilities in diesel, LPG and electric variations, and with lifting capacities up to 50,000kgs.

Hydrostatic all-wheel drive and multidirectional steering allow optimal handling of long and bulky loads and efficient use of storage space. The superior steering system gives the shortest changeover time, from lengthwise to crosswise drive, resulting in increased efficiency over alternatives.

Picked for Perfection – Order Picking Systems

Translift HUBTEX offers an unrivalled range of innovative and diverse Order Picking solutions, tailor-made to suit even the most challenging picking operations. Based on a conventional multidirectional sideloader, or a more specialised platform configuration, Translift HUBTEX Order Picking trucks have to meet the most stringent operational and safety requirements when specified for order picking operations in warehouses and production facilities.

With a professional know-how that is second to none, Translift HUBTEX Order Pickers can be found in a variety of industries such as timber products, sheet steel, aluminium stock extruders, plastic manufacturers and many more.

Lift Up To 6000kg – Reach Trucks

The Translift HUBTEX SQ Reach Truck range is characterised by its compact and robust design, advanced technology and offers excellent handling capabilities with lifting capacities up to 6,000kgs. Built to specification in the Fulda factory, quality is immediately evident in the lift masts that are designed with internally protected hydraulics. Manufactured in-house, they are built for maximum capacity and minimum deration at height, and as a result, offer higher safety margins.

The new flagship model of the range is the SQ40, and with a nominal lift capacity of 4000kgs at 600mm load centres, accommodates considerably heavier loads than conventional reach trucks but with the same working aisle widths. The SQ40 is particularly popular in the manufacturing sectors were lifting and transporting loads and toolings is becoming more and more challenging as load centre requirements pushed previous reach trucks to their limits.

Introducing SpaceMate

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: The business model that Freddy Brown, inventor of the Bendi forklift, had as his mantra is evident in this exciting new development; the Translift SpaceMate. Designed to compliment the existing Bendi range, the Translift SpaceMate will fulfil a large gap in the marketplace according to Simon Brown.

"The new Translift SpaceMate is in the final stages of test before going into production later this year," commented Simon. "It will cost a 1/3 of the price of a Bendi but will still allow users to store pallets in similar aisles of only 2m wide! The SpaceMate will not replace the Bendi, which is enjoying its own revolution in large fast moving storage environments. Instead, the SpaceMate will fulfil a large gap in the market. Warehouses that want space saving but cannot justify a Bendi are left with traditional forklifts that require 3-4m. However, the SpaceMate will reduce the space required by up to 40% for 1/3rd of the cost."

The simplicity of the SpaceMate design and the ease of operation mean that it could be ordered on-line as well as through our normal sales process.

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