Pioneering Space Saving forklifts since 1964

Our focus has always been to design and produce warehouse and materials handling products that are both cost effective and at the very leading edge of our industry. From the 1960s our founding chairman/designer Freddy Brown has been at the forefront of warehouse equipment design winning many industry awards for his pioneering work.

Our company has concentrated on delivering 'affordable narrow aisle' machines since its formation. Freddy Brown’s developed the world’s first man-up VNA combined order picker/pallet placer and led the market for over 20 years.

Frustrated with the limitations of the traditional VNA concept, Freddy Brown sought a faster, more flexible option that could be mass produced instead of tailored for each warehouse. In 1982 he came up with the articulated concept. Today Translift Bendi has reshaped the materials handling market by offering versatile very narrow aisle forklift trucks. For the last 30 years the Bendi has developed from being a niche product to one that sells in the same numbers as conventional reach trucks and has dwarfed the VNA market that it set out to replace.

To compliment the Bendi, Translift also offer the Drexel VNA and Longloader range.

About Us
About Us

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